SUN GARDEN – where it all started and where we are now


1982 Foundation of SUN GARDEN in Neuenkirchen, Germany (GmbH)
1991 Foundation of SUN GARDEN Polska (z o.o. sp. k.)
1995 Expansion of SUN GARDEN Germany to include a new logistics centre in Neuenkirchen
1996 Market launch of Easy Sun Parasol range
1997 Expansion of production in Malanów (approx. 10,000 m²)
2000 Expansion of finished goods warehouse in Malanów (approx. 7,500 m²)
2002 Foundation of SUN GARDEN Romania, textile planning in Romania (SRL / GmbH)
2002 Expansion of finished goods warehouse in Malanów by 7,500 m²
2003 Construction of a new factory in Romania (approx. 5,000 m²)
2004 Construction of 2nd stage of expansion in Romania (approx. 4,500 m ²); expansion of the filling unit by 5,500 m ²) in Poland
2005 Construction of the foam production line in Malanów (approx. 2,500 m²)
2007 Expansion of the ripening unit (foam production), optimisation of foam cutting in Poland
2008 Construction of a special warehouse for extra-long articles (3,500 m²)
2011 Expansion of mattress production and high-bay warehouse (15,000m²)
2012 Acquisition of duvet factories in Eastern Europe (Ukraine)

2013 Expansion of mattress logistics  / finished goods warehouse in Poland (10,600 m²)

2015 Opening of new production for mattresses and boxspring-beds (Malanów / Poland)
2016 Opening of new administration building (Poland)

Management Ewald Kösters (Managing Partner)
Marianne Kösters (Managing Director)
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