International network: four facilities in Europe

If you wish to successfully market your products in Europe, you need to operate in more than one place. This is our strategy at SUN GARDEN, too. For more than 20 years we have been expanding into Eastern Europe, currently operating from four countries – from Poland to Romania. Each location is dedicated to specific tasks within the SUN GARDEN International structure.
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Germany - Neuenkirchen

SUN GARDEN head office. This is where the company took its first steps in the early 1980s. Now the head office of an international enterprise. This is also the home of the logistics centre, supplying our customers in Germany.

Established: 1982
Headcount: 100
Floor space: 30.000 m²

SUN GARDEN Werk Polen  

Poland- Malanów

The heart of SUN GARDEN. This state-of-the-art facility makes mattress and upholstery fillings totalling some 14,700 tons a year. The fact that the foam production department is part of our own manufacturing chain not only enables us to offer competitive prices, but also makes us more flexible in response to individual customer orders. 

Established: 1991
Headcount: 3.000
Floor space: 160.000 m²

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Romania - Pucioasa

Sewing machines are busy around the clock, giving shape to our fabrics used in bedding, cushions, mattresses and seat pads. And with the on-site kindergarten, the factory provides perfect working conditions for its employees.

Established: 2002
Headcount: 1.200
Floor space: 50.000 m²

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Ukraine - Gorodok

By opening these plants, which form the newest part of SUN GARDEN International, we filled a gap in our supply chain: the bedding production plants in these two locations have enabled us to diversify our product portfolio even more.

Part of the company since 2012
Total headcoun: 380
Total floor space: 11.000 m²

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