EASY SUN 350/8

Parasol 350 with valance

The canopy provides 50+ UV protection according to DIN EN 13758-1:2007-03

The attractive range of Easy Sun Parasol accessories includes some clever ideas which will make using your Easy Sun Parasol even easier, more versatile and comfortable.  

Easy Sun Parasol 350/8 accessories

Portable EASY SUN Base

The base is secure at all times, while at the same time allowing you to move the parasol to a different location with ease. The parasol base is filled with approx. 150 kg sand for security and stability.


Our Easy Sun Light will not have you sitting in the dark. Suitable for all types of our Easy Sun Parasols, waterproof with quality protective coating and a complete set of mounting elements – this accessory is a true leader in its class.


The Easy Sun Cape cover is universal for all parasol sizes and easy to use. With a sewn-in rod and a long cord accompanying the zip fastener, the Easy Sun Cape protective cover can be fitted easily without the need for a ladder. Made of polyester, fitted perfectly and washable at home, it protects your parasol from direct exposure to the elements.

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