High Resilience mattresses

The SUN GARDEN high resilience mattress systems

Our DormiPur foam is characterised by an irregular open-cell structure, resembling that of natural sea sponge. Compared with the standard polyurethane foam, DormiPur is characterised by higher elasticity and fatigue strength. Mattresses with cold foam are also very light and can be transported easily.SUN GARDEN’s DormiPur mattresses with cold foam can withstand considerable pressure, and once the pressure is removed they spring back to the original shape very quickly.High point elasticity ensures perfect ergonomics.The mattresses also have excellent climatic properties.The irregular open-cell structure makes for high air circulation and excellent moisture transport and heat regulation, which in turn results in restful sleep and supreme comfort. Ask your specialist dealer about the high-quality DormiPur high resilience mattresses.

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