Gel Effect mattresses

The latest addition to the SUN GARDEN product range


GEL EFFECT combines the advantages of cold foam with those of the supremely comfortable memory foam. The irregular open-cell structure of cold foam resembles that of natural sea sponge, thus ensuring high air circulation for excellent moisture transport. Our extensive knowledge on what makes for a good night’s sleep was helpful in designing the new foam. 
Surely you know the feeling of exceptional weightlessness provided by memory foam mattresses? It is also built into our new technology. The level of firmness of a viscoelastic mattress depends on room temperature.People who prefer a cooler, unheated sleeping environment will perceive memory foam mattresses as harder. Our new mattress does not have this undesirable side effect. Do you prefer softer mattresses? We encourage you to try our GEL EFFECT mattresses, providing unparalleled softness and weightlessness during sleep.
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